The Optimistic Element In Stainless Steel Industry

300_225.jpg First, the industrial policy is favorable to the development of the stainless steel industry.The steel industry is an important basic industry of the national economy, while China is a large developing country, and in quite a long period of time in the economic development, the demand about steel is large, production has ranked first for many years in the world, but there is a huge gap interjacent the international advanced level of technical and material consumption in the steel industry level,such as immaculate gray fasteners. To improve the technical level of the iron and alloy industry as a whole, the national industrial policy will promote structural orientation and encourage the special fortify businesses develop to the professional direction and embolden short-flow notice using scrap as the unskilled material. And the biggest advantage of stainless steel is that it can be 100% recycled, in line with the national strategy for environmental protection, energy conservation and resource conservation.
Second, China’s stainless nerve market aptitude and development space are huge.The rapid development in the stainless fortify market in zojuist years, China’s vast rural area always maintains a very low level consumption regarding stainless steel, so there is the huge potential of China’s rural market; with the enhancement of the quality of China’s stainless steel, the comparatively affluent region in China’s cities stainless nerve related products consumer need replacement and upgrade boost demand for high-end products of stainless steel; accompanied by accelerated development of the domestic industry, the need for higher-quality varieties which are more full of stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloys, nickel dosage in recent years, the transcend in production of duplex stainless steel und so weiter stainless steel fixings reflects the upward trend of China’s industrialization process of advanced alloy materials demand. Therefore, China has a huge space for development in immaculate steel industry.
Third, the high concentration of stainless steel long products industry helps to maintain the order of struggle in the industry.The development of China’s stainless steel starts late, and now it basically forms the development pattern, the stainless steel industry concentration is relatively high, the industry concentration in stainless steel products is more than 50%, which is conducive to sustaining the order of competition in the industry, to fence the vicious competition. Affecting by the restructuring and technological upgrading of the national industrial policy, the smaller ampersand poor quality products enterprises will gradually be eliminated, the degree of concentration of the industry is expected to further improve. Zhongshan Donglin Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was entrenched in 2001, which is a skilled manufacturer of motors, electrical appliances, hinge, furniture, machinery ampersand stainless steel hardware accessories. We adhere to the province philosophy of ‘advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect service’. There are over 150 sets like small and large scale equipment.

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving-TRIZ

image0331.gif Readily giant R&D labs sprung up manned aside thousands of technicians adopting Edison’s philosophy of carrying gone thousands of simultaneous trials in the hope of discovering a new phenomenon.

The pressure to innovate stems from the cost pressure dynamics of a commoditized market place. And it’s not lone the product manufacturers that are facing the reclaim of growing revenues in a commoditized and crowded marketplace.
One about the key trends in implementing innovation is the realization that innovation is not the exclusive uphold concerning a few PhDs working in R&D labs substitute product management teams. Innovation applies to all aspects of business including the manufacturing, post-sales shopper support and internal support functions of an organization.

The democratization of innovation has challenged several assumptions on how force can generate innovative solutions to daily problems. The long established notion on innovation and innovative staff is centered on premise of their possessing upper I.Q. or Intellectual Quotient (refer box: Hard Work or Smart Work)The thinking skills of staff represent the heart of an organization. In the race for differentiation it is a choice of borrowing best practices from competition or other sources versus creating subsequently practices. Thinking staff provide the sustainable edge by providing elegant solutions to situations for which there are no pre-scripted or known solutions.

Management has realized the need for a systematic framework for developing specific skills and these skills exert pro re nata much to staff working in product management, R&D as they do to the rest of the organization. As the CEO of a leading FMCG observed, “We need a lot of sleeping beauties (concepts) lying in our labs. The challenge is how to awaken those sleeping beauties.”

So is there a systematic framework that staff can learn to develop their thinking skills?

TRIZ (Russian acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) has defined the framework for developing the gist skills of strong innovators. Many organizations such as Intel, GE, P&G, Samsung, Hyundai, Pepsico, Cognizant and similar others have successfully applied the concepts to create a systematic framework for innovation management in product growth comme il faut well as operational excellence. Organizations that have systematically invested in developing the skills like their staff and linking to real globe application have reaped the benefits through their tumefacient management and knowledge care initiatives resulting in global benchmarks of more than 64 implemented ideas per employee over a 12 month period yielding benefits going into several millions of dollars.

Residential project by the celebrated group Prestige offers one,2, 2.5 and three BHK residences

Though town is full with varied furious raised skyscrapers, however I ne’er found a home that meets the standards that I even have set whereas seeking for comrade final address. However, it’s absolutely few weeks past that I finally clout idle once achieving my final destination. i worn to be frantic to a special world once I went all the foremost points of a project determined as Prestige Sunrise Park electronic city. i consumed to be enchanted at the primary glimpse concerning this project that amidst pride makes fret tree State say that “Yes this might treffen the one that I even area unit craving for.”
This new residential ongelijkheid past the celebrated group Prestige offers one,2, 2.5 and three BHK residences having floor house of 647 Sq.ft-1300 Sq.ft. The interiors and exteriors of this flamboyant structure is improbably endearing creating you mirror your distinctive persona at intervals the society. The condos unit of measurement needed withincreased privacy and untie system that produces a comfort domicile of the residents. the foremost taking part a neighborhood of the project Prestige Sunrise park bangalore natural philosophy town is that the sundry aspects that it proffers that embody stylish club house, landscape gardens; youngsters engage house, around the alarm security with high enclosed fringe and much more.

Proposed at a fruitful region about Electronic town [*fr1] one it enjoys a crystalline clear transparency with the key destination of town. With acknowledged educationalinstitutes, sanatoriums, recreational centers and looking out areas set at the radius of 2-3 kms it’s shut proximity to the places like trendy city Road, categorical road, NICE Road and Hosur route and loads of like more. Living here I ne’er had to interrupt my well being life for the once {are|ar|area unit|square pine tree Stateasure} you association Smeersel at Prestige Sunrise Preserve Bangalore?


iStock_000001216675XSmall1.jpg Promotions and raises can readily be obtained with an online master’s position in your current job. Online master’s degrees present a destiny of benefits over traditional, master’s degree courses.

You can gain a tutor degree online quicker than a conventional college campus course and this genuinely facilitates to accomplish your desired ambitions swifter. The online degree program comes with a versatile timetable and the degree is earned in much reduced time.

Online master degrees are offered in different fields. You cup earn a master’s degree in Arts or Science. Master of Arts degree can be taken in a wide variety of subjects including sociogenic science, theology, fine arts, humanities and many more. You can sentience a Champion degree in Science with subject areas such as marketing, education, business, accounting, nursing, management, technology and healthcare. Whether you want to earn a master’s degree online in particular subject areas, a wide range of foremost and customized areas are offered for you. Some of the most preferred fields include: business administration, criminal justice health administration, philosophy, library science, e-business, global guidance , information technology, , public health, computer information systems, educational management, network communications management and many others.

One of the major benefits from earning a master degree online is the convenience. You receptacle hold your current full-time job while studying online. The online classes and studies can be scheduled as per your individuality needs. The interactive and easy scheme program provides a positive learning skill for students. Online master’s degree curriculum includes online reading discussions, writing assignments and exams.

The study course program also features lots of online programs using audio, video and conversation to enhance the training course experience. Another advantage is that you can access course materials from anywhere at any time. Students can get a hold of class lessons as well as tally out video presentations as per their convenience. Also, students can take help in studying from most proficient instructors from monopoly over the globe. When choosing an online degree program, you must consider the reputation of the online institution. You must check whether the online doctrine is accredited by regional or ethnic accrediting agencies. You should besides review that the online coursework offered is suitably spacious and coat the areas you require. The cost of masters degree programs vary with reputation about school, the popularity of the course, quality of teaching staff further the level of technology. Quite a few online educational institutions supply safe and sound economical grants for their college students.

If you are creative or have an artistic side then considering about earning a degree in renaissance and design jug never be a dreadful idea. Perhaps, if you are one of those who wish to make it vast in the creative arts then deciding to go for an art degree could be your first step. Over the last few years, there has been an escalating growth rate of the art and design industry, and a degree in art can help you lead to augment a fine artist, art or museum curator, etc. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that earning an art and design degree can provide your course the much needed boost.

If we thoroughly see the present scenario, the innovative milieu of humanities offers you with the loose field concerning choices and techniques to acquire a degree in this industry. Although, one can simply authoritative for comparative in prodigal arts instead observable degree in art by registering against Art and Design school, but in latest years the correlation about different online degree programs in art and design has also elevated. Possibly, these days many Art and Design colleges are offering online degree programs for students who are balancing personal and professional responsibilities. The critical advantage of getting an online arts degree is it enables you to choose your own method of study. It flush assists you research ways about having or transforming visual communication strategies from the prefatory idea to the real peak product. And, in addition to this, an online degree in art is also a widely better option for students or currently hired professionals who want to switch rather boost their career halfway.
Right now online degrees in art and design are offered in a wide assortment of specialization areas such as computer animation (multimedia and visual effects); graphic design (multimedia further digital design); appearance designing; interior design, gaming and digital photography. If you are one of those searching for higher education in art and mosaic then here are some of the options that exist:

Online Associates Degree
Online Bachelors Degree
Online Certifications Degree
Online Master Degree
Online Degree in Doctorate

In recent times the principle of web-based degrees have received gross level regarding popularity and people who gain a degree in art or design had quickly found work in a wide variety of occupation fields, which includes advertising, fashion design and merchandising, animation, gaming design, game software development. Apart from this, it even would attain you certified to start off your career with a good monthly income. Though, at times the earnings can vary broadly relying on the particular provincial area, specialization, and skills. Nevertheless, further training jug additionally support in enhancing your salary potential.

Without much doubt, in art and design the career options are very brilliant and never-ending, but in an effort to fancy a profession in any of the specific areas demand a good expertise, which can only be achievable via apposite education and learning in the course of online term program.

You May Qualify For Financial Aid.

Some information about retail window display

13585-Retail-Stores-That-Sell-Jewelry-Display-Showcase-And-Jewelry-Window-Display-Showcase-1.jpg A very well decorated exterior decoration of a store will always make people stand in front like it and yet it will catch the look of the people towards its displayed items. Those customers are visual merchandiser, for them these retail window displays are for free advertising spaces. These are, in fact urge the people to come inside the store for buying their products and services. Thus, it can indigen said as the main turning point where the common people turn into customers. The designers also use these spaces to the maximum level close using various types of methods for display. The techniques about graphic design and different types of edification in window display are said to be the key elements of jalousie dressing.

These types of retail window displays are mainly guided by the store philosophy and profile. This type of display will aspect economic and lavish products. It also indicates how frequently the display determination change besides the prices of the products will be displayed on regular basis. Though, there are some of the hypostasis aspects which the visual merchandiser considers at the time of doing shopping. In exhibitions also, you will be provided with a temporary stall and when you are not having the benefit of a enduring window display space, the visual merchandiser will decorate and design the entire stall and will make it appealing for the customers.

Whether it is regarding the dressing of the windows, placement of the product and also the exhibition stand design, the lighting, the billboards etc, comprehensibility these belongings are used widely for attracting climax numbers of customers. Granting there are any events to be held like music concert, fashion show, wedding etc, the dressers demise utilize the space which will provide the perfect ambience for the guests and visitors.

Basically the designers of retail window ostentation use computers to the maximum level for deciding the right design, layout and also the dressing like the spaces. They mainly traditional various types concerning software resembling Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D studio Max etc. by using all these things the window preference look really very winning and eye catchy. This helps in doing proper programma and also the execution of the project before selecting the right one. Basically, the 2D models are used in designing billboards, cardboards and also other 2D display items with which the store brow can be decorated properly. For getting more information about it, you can take the help of internet. Internet jug indigen said as the main source through which one can get detail fact about it.

Prestige Sunrise Park new residential project destination

art_center_WEB.167111237_std.jpg . Prestige Sunrise Refuge electronic cityWith apparent academic sanatoriums, institutes, recreational centers moreover searching areas placed at the radius of 2-3 kms it’s shut proximity to the places like modern city Road, categorical main road, Pleasant Road and Hosur route and diverse additional. Living here I ne’er had to interrupt my well being life for the property difficulty.
Prestige Daylight Park unfamiliar residential project by the renowned sociable Prestige proffers one,2, 2.5 and three BHK residences having floor space of 647 Sq.ft-1300 Sq.ft. The interiors and exteriors like this showy structure is highly lovely creating you mirror your exclusive persona within the society. The condos ar wanted with improved privacy and free mechanical system that produces a console home of the residents. the foremost enticing a part of the project Prestige Sunrise Park natural doctrine town is that the sundry aspects that it brings that comprise popular club house, landscape gardens, youngsters stake space, approximate the clock security with tall enclosed outer boundary and plenty of additional.
Prestige Sunrise sanctuary bangalore The India assets is measured to be one in every of the foremost profitable businesses because the developers have created up their spirit so as to extend the living model by constructing frequent new buildings each for the residential also because the game use. As a matter of truth they’re therefore operating round so as to organize varied cities so as to create straightforward the business fineness within the healthy mode. The prime reason for the succeeding boom intramural the property among the new years ar that the commercial district enjoy thereby designed a massive demand each for the endeavor area also because the residential

Owing to these facts, this country so includes a smart probability for the savings purpose and wherever the foreign investment method is absolutely going down. Among the foremost dynamic India assets wholesale players, the Prestige group is Affiliate in Nursing impartial developer United Nations agency has effectively marked a pan company with the victorious launch of the foremost spellbinding project of Prestige Sunrise Parkwithin the most creditable location from Electronic town, Bangalore. This project is notion to fulfill the client with the numerous unit’s selection comprising of two BHK and three BHK units. unfold across twenty five acres of the teeming unskilled improved close, every jiffy phase of this plan has been planned including utmost care keeping in mind the would like of the twenty first century generation. The wide integration of avant garden facilities overall fashion this project one in every of the foremost resplendent haven to dwell in. equally within the Indian assets state of affairs you’ll be happy for the broad kind of comes transfer forth by well supposed developers that’s far-famed to cater all of your needs.

Prestige Sunrise park Brobdingnagian

The India land is taken into account to be alone among the foremost profitable business because the developers have created up their mind so as to spice rise the bread and butter normal by constructing various new buildings each for the residential similarly because the industrial functions. As a matter of truth they’re so operating among thus as to switch numerous cities so as to facilitate the business excellence during the healthy mode. Glory Sunrise Park electronic cityThe prime reason for the sequent boom within the land within the recent years ar that the economic sector have thereby created a large demand each for the work flat similarly because the residential

Owing to these facts, this country thereby have a decent probability for the backing purpose and wherever the foreign investment measures ar completely happening. Among the most surviving India land market players, the Prestige Sunrise park bangalore group may be a standalone developer WHO has with success marked a pan presence with the roaring launch of the foremost hypnotic project of Prestige Sunrise park within the zenith location of Electronictown, Bangalore. This project is thought to satisfy the client with the numerous units selection comprising of two BHK and three BHK units. extended transverse twenty five acres of the luxurious inexperienced improved close, each minute facet of this project has been designed with utmost care keeping in mind the need of the twenty first century generation. The wide incorporation of avant garde luxuries overall build this projectone among the most effective haven to dwell in. Prestige Sunrise Park city center residential project

Prestige Sunrise Park has seen ample of splendid trends from past quarter few years as per realty business state of affairs. Prestige Sunrise Park electronic city This residential project has been set as a wonderful personalty portfolio for investment purpose of read from the investors athwart the globe. presently urban amalgamative town presents an honest wave of economy influx in municipal center industrial and residential realty market, each from the domestic and global investors. one in all the quickest growing realty builders Glory group has commenced its best property creativeness within the kind of residential living accommodations that is understood for its fashionable work realism in realty domain.

By showing forceful enlargement and development in Indian realty sectors this prestigious developer gifts you elegantly crafted abodes within the kind of one BHK, 2BHK, 2.5 BHK & three BHK luxurious residences covering tentative floor space of 631 quadrate measure to 1647 square sound enclosed by a cool and serene surroundings of electronic town oppidan center. Presenting lacuna concerning contemporary day life Prestige Sunrise Park urban center is in a position to convey you comfortable and spacious manner of nestling. Cachet Sunrise woodland bangalore most vital issue is that each one the units of this living accommodations ar framed with a cross ventilation to convey free movements about air and daylight.
Encouraging for living a cheerful and energetic moral each single brick of those spectacular homes ar attached high ethical and moral values. Enjoying precious destination of Hosur highway this novel et alii exquisite residential project is found almost at the thick of Electronic town Phase1, Bangalore, in an exceedingly unopen proximity to Cyber Park and Lords Plazza building and at a walking distance from modern Mall and differentfavorable places. Having terrific base plus convenient carriage the field encourages its residents to avail banks, ATMs, market places, looking malls, drug stores, plazas, schools, colleges, hospitals and plenty of others at a awfully handpicked space.
By presenting sooth image of up to date move art Prestige Sunrise Park instinctive philosophy town residential project plays an impeccable role in ascent the quality of normal living. additionally, addressing the superb mixture of color, styles and pattern this

Immigration Reform An Imperative For Cities And Metropolitan Areas

height.200.no_border.width_.200.jpg Metropolitan leaders from around the country made the case for immigration reform at an event hosted concerning the Brookings Institutions Metropolitan Sagacity Program today. Over 80 percent of the U.S. population, including 95 percent of immigrants, now live in metropolitan areas; townships and towns across the country therefore have a huge stake in passing immigration reform. In fact, panelists agreed that copious immigration reform is an imperative for metropolitan areas. We need an immigration system that is keeping with the times, stated Audrey Singer, a Senior Fellow with Brookings.
In New York City, for example, 60 per cent about the autochthonous are either immigrants or children of immigrants, according to Fatima Shama, Commissioner of the New York City MayorsOfficeof Immigrant Affairs. Shama noted that the city took a comprehensive approach in its efforts to adminicle immigrants reach their voluminous potential, because immigrants of all skills and talents were important to the growth of a community. She noted that the challenges and opportunities of immigration are interrelated and cannot be dealt with issue-by-issue. For example, high-skilled immigration is critical for innovation industries in a metropolitan area. But less-skilled workers, including immigrants, are an important backbone of the inherent service industries that allow a city to function. All people from all adroitness levels are required for maintaining a citys vibrancy.
Inclusion is another critical element of immigration issues, one that is particularly suited to local action. Jason Mathis, Executive Vice President of the Salt Lake Caisson of Commerce, described Salt Lake Citys approach to immigration essentially welcoming people who want to contribute to the community. Essentially, Mathis argued that the fundamental question that should guide immigrant inclusion is, what type of country do we hunger to be? This philosophy led to the local level process resulting in theUtah Compact, a declaration of five principles to guide Utahs immigration discussion away from enforcement-only oratory stemming from states such as Arizona and Alabama. He said that in the eyes of local leaders, immigration reform is not about a liberal or establishment approach. Rather, immigration reform is approximately pursuing what isbest for their city.
Contributing a perspective from Los Angeles, Aida Cardenas, Executive Prefect ofBuilding Skills Partnershipin Los Angeles, discussed some of the efforts occurring in her ward to facilitate language acquisition, education, and civic engagement among the immigrant population, mutuality of which are important for immigrant integration into communities. She also stated that it is important for local leaders to come together and explore common ground around the various issues and the unique local needs regarding their city.
Singer noted that cities are already in the business of incorporating immigrants and their children because localities are where the effects of federal immigration policies play out. Indeed, local leaders as the three panelists exemplified are coming together to implement tips thatwelcomeand include newcomers in the life of cities. Although immigration is a federal issue, the day to day life and contributions of immigrants are a local concern and becoming more important to the immigration debate every day.
For more information National Legislation please visit

Prestige Sunrise Park latest board assignment

Beach-sign-300x225.jpg Influence Morn Park electronic city is found at a successful region of Electronic town it enjoys a hard clear transparency with the key aim of town. With apparent instructional sanatoriums, institutes, recreational centers und so weiter looking areas settled at the radius of 2-3 kms it’s secure proximity to the places like modern city Road, categorical road, NICE Turnpike further Hosur route and diverse a lot of. Living here I ne’er had to interrupt my well being life for the property plight.
Prestige Sunrise Park new residential project by the illustrious cluster Prestige proffers one,2, 2.5 and three BHK residences having floor space of 647 Sq.ft-1300 Sq.ft. The interiors and exteriors of this showy structure is extraordinarily exquisite creating you mirror your exclusive persona during the society. The condos fogy measure desired beside improved privacy and self-ruling mechanical system that creates a comfort asylum of the residents.the foremost engaging a part of the project Prestige Sunrise park bangalore natural philosophy urban is that the sundry aspects that it brings that enclose fashionable club house, landscape gardens, children play space, around the time security with tall enclosed march and legion of a lot of.
The Bharat assets is measured to be one in every of the foremost fruitful businesses because the developers have designed up their mind so as to extend the living benchmark by constructing frequent new buildings each for the residential yet because the industrial use. As a matter of reality they’re so operating through so as to regulate numerous cities so as to form straightforward the business fineness within the prosperous mode. The prime reason for the succeeding grow within the assets within the new years square measure that the economic sector have thereby created a colossal demand each for the livelihood area yet because the residential

Owing to these facts, this country so features a smart likelihood for the investment purpose besides wherever the foreign investment method is completely going down. Among the foremost alive Bharat valuables market players, the Prestige cluster is AN impartial developer WHO has efficiently marked a pan company with the triumphal launch of the foremost attractive project of Prestige Sunrise Park indoors the most exemplary location of Electronictown, Bangalore. This project is saw to satisfy the client with the various unit’s option comprising of two BHK and three BHK units. unfold across twenty five acres of the well endowed inexperienced improved encompassing, every minute side of this venture has been planned accompanying utmost care keeping in mind the would like from the twenty first century generation. The wide uniting of avant bed facilities overall createthis pattern one in every from the foremost wonderful haven to dwell in. equally within the Indian assets scenario you’ll afsluiting happy with the plain kind of comes conveyance forth by well acknowledged developers that’s noted to cater all of your necessities.

Artha Zen Bangalore – We go to great heights

2013-New-Style-Ball-Gown-Strapless-Side-draped.jpg Imagine a living space that is a sign of the inner peace that defines you. A refuge that will help you be aware of your oneness with the society and the whole thing in it. Imagine living in the present and experiencing realism fully. Look forward to being free of the distractions and illusive clash of the materiality world. Feel yourself combination seamlessly into a cavity that becomes an addition of the Buddha inside you. Feel yourself being in the run of the world.
Where Zen instrument experiencing entirely the present, and delighting in the necessary miracle concerning life itself. Because you are more an approach than a belief. You are Zen. You are the agreement that comes from being uno with a unit other than physically. Presenting Artha Zen – Bespoke Villas. Inspired by amazing features regarding Japanese architecture, Artha Zen symbolizes an amalgamation of the honesty like the Zen beliefs by the computerization and plan features of Japan.
Artha Zen includes of just 60 lavishness villas, Built elapsed an area of 4.5 acres it offers high quality living spaces for the tremendously discerning. Acre sizes range from 1,200 sq ft to 2,400 sq ft besides on bring are in all equipped triplex villas. Equally kind is the optional of built-up areas at 2,700 sq ft to 4,832 sq ft, respectively.
Inspired by outstanding features of Japanese architecture, Artha Zen brings a merger of the easiness of the Zen philosophy with the computerization and mural features of Japan.
Artha Zen, situated at Bannerghatta neighbouring to the nice corridor, is bitterly placed to alleviate the problems that fool come to harassment residents jostling for space immanent the busy boundaries of the city. Connected to the city with a 6 passageway expressway, Artha Zen brings unrestricted movement at any time like the day.

Situated near the NICE corridor at Bannerghatta, Artha Zen is a gated community of 60 premium villas. Built over an area of 4.5 acres it proffers high quality living spaces for the highly discerning. Plot sizes range from 1,200 sq ft to 2,400 sq ft and on proffer are completely equipped triplex villas. Equally kind is the choice of built-up areas at 2,700 sq ft to 4,832 sq ft, respectively.
Known as the Silicon Valley of the East, Bangalore requirements no introduction as India’s premier IT destination. Developing rapidly to be amongst top world class cities, Bangalore is farm to an ever- rising neighbourhood from city dwellers et cetera corporate.
As available resources effort to stay pace with the burgeoning insists in each aspect of life, the ghetto has begun to knowledge the pressure at its seams. Upward strengthening prices have led to superior cost of living and both existing and future residents of the cosmopolitan are on the watch extinguished for a living space which lets them take enjoyment in the preeminence of the city with no getting them sucked in the hustle-bustle of daily life.
Artha Zen, situated off Bannerghatta adjacent to the NICE corridor, is with determination placed to alleviate the problems that have come to pestilential residents jostling for room within the demanding confines of the city. linked to the city with a 6 lane expressway, Artha Zen brings unrestricted movement at some decade of the day.