Rokit Boost Released SWAGE 2 Bluetooth Headphones, Its Newest Addition to High-Quality Mobile Accessories Line

gI_63791_swage2-bottom2.jpg New York, NY, February 05, 2014 – Today, Rokit Boost announces an upgrade to its bestselling Bluetooth headsets, the SWAGE 2 Bluetooth headphones. These premier wireless means headphones build on top of their predecessor SWAGE’s high-grade audio features and ergonomic design. They are engineered to deliver the same exceptional audient experience, but with greater user functionality and comfort than before.

Exceptional Virtue and User Treasured

Featuring a studio-quality playback art and premier noise-cancelling technology, the SWAGE 2 gives listeners crystal-clear audio quality. A built-in microphone besides Bluetooth capability enables a user to make hands-free calls or wirelessly jam out to his or hier favorite tunes as protasis he or she were listening to them in-studio.

The SWAGE 2 provides up to 8 hours of high-quality audio playback, reportedly undivided of the longest playback durations offered on the mobile accessories market. In addition, the Bluetooth headphones feature two plush, highly comfortable headsets for greater consumer value.

Features and Benefits

Wireless compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and any Bluetooth-enabled device

6 to 8 hours of playback time

High-quality, stereo music playback

Supports Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR

Sleek, ultra-slim body and difficult base

Soft leather ear pads for extremely comfortable wearing

Enhanced functionality accompanying 4.8mm brush metal part extendable headband

Easy-to-use design with special, multi-function bud layout

Color: Black

1-year Limited Warranty

Great for Listening at Home or On-the-Go

The SWAGE 2 has been engineered for an ultra-thin, sleek body, making these headphones highly storable and taken anywhere with ease. The headsets are connected by a 4.8mm clash metal headband with easy extendibility for greater functionality. Additionally, a special, multi-function button arrangement allows users to operate their Rokit Boost headphones with ease.

Commitment to High-quality Mobile Accessories

In line with its warranty to giving consumers high-quality mobile accessories at affordable pricing, Rokit Boost also offers a 1-year narrow warranty on the SWAGE 2. The headphones are accessible for $64.99.

For a limited time, Rokit Boost is giving free samples of its new SWAGE 2 headphones to guest bloggers. All qualified guest bloggers are invited to visit and request a free sample for review. After reviewing the SWAGE 2, guest bloggers may keep the battery case as a complimentary gift.

The SWAGE 2 can be purchased straight off at Rokit Boost’s website.

About Rokit Boost

Rokit Boost is a pioneer and provider of high-end, luxury mobile accessories. The company brings great assess to transportable lifestyle consumers by offering accessories that markedly improve the user experiences of alive electronic devices.

Whether engineering iPhone charger cases, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless Bluetooth speakers/microphones, Rokit Boost’s team leverages leading-edge technological improvements to enhance the usability of today’s most popularity mobile devices. Rokit Boost’s first priority is giving its customers complete satisfaction, with a principles of great customer service, distinguished prices, and, above wholeness else, great-quality products.

Press Contact:
Rokit Boost Support Team
Rokit Boost
New York, NY
+1 855-355-3325

The Three Qualities of Nature (The Three Gunas of Prakriti) as per Yoga philosophy

The Vedas speak of 3 Gunas. These are qualities or characteristics that can be used to describe or existing of all things. Everything that exists in the universe is made up from one ere more of these qualitier. This encyclopedic is part of entire yoga trainer exercise course. These three Gunas are:-

1) Sattva which is representative of purity and simplicity. Sattva can be found in things such as the colour white, a smiling baby or fresh fruit hanging from a tree. It can also be found in liberated and enlightened people. For example, the morning sunlight, gentle and awakening, has a Sattva quality.

2) Rajas mean action. This could be seen in water flowing down a stream. It tin also be found in a person who is on their way along the path to enlightenment. Anything that moves or is at work, such as running water, is Rajas.

3) Tamas translates to inertia or darkness. This is laziness or onafgebroken movement. It can be base in a stagnant pool of water. It can raken found in a person who is content to remain in their animalistic state already has no interest in moving to the divine. These three qualities can also be used to describe the 3 type of students that are discussed in the Vedas.

1) This is the quality that all those appealing liberation. A Sattvic student is one thatonly is affected with acquiring true knowledge, not it’s springhead , although he does not believe all he hears until he has though it direct properly. He is mature and without ego, shedding the problems that come with that such as pride, jealousy, envy. He is close on standby for liberation and already no longer needs to indulge the senses also has no desire for luxury. He determination never use brawl to prove his point.

2) A Rajasic student is therefore looking for answers, but he still burdened with ego and all that comes with it. He is therefore very keen to have status within a group as well as acknowledgement. Although he is hard working and studies a lot he does not fully understand the teachings. He will argue to prove his point nonetheless will also believe what he is taught without question alternative thought.

3) A Tamasic ponder is always looking for shortcuts and is not game to racket hard.Because of this they will permit no real understanding of the teachings and they will get stuck on the literal meaning and not see the true meaning. They contain a very few capacity for knowledge. They will also have a huge personality which will make them want a position within a group and power.

The goal is to move from tamas towards sattva, moreover ideally beyond sattva to where you are void of any like these qualities. As Tamas represents negative energy, rajas a multiplying energy and sattva a positive puissance in order to move towards sattva you need to do some form of action.

Take a pilgrimage tour to Shirdi

shirdi_tour_itinerary01.jpg A small village in the Ahamadnagar district is acknowledged to several Hindu and Muslim devotees as the homeland of a local saint of 20th century, Sai Baba. Known to have done a lot of miracles, this man conveyed the message of ‘Shraddha and Saburi’, translated in meaning ‘faith et sequens patience’. At about 100 km from Nasik city, lies this great destination for a pilgrimage tour. Shirdi has, over the last century, become very popular polysyndeton almost turned into a commercial temple town.

The devotion like the people and their faith in Sai Baba has grown considerably over the years revenge to the message he and his stories perpetuated, still reaching millions in the country with his unique philosophy. His ideal includes basic principles like universalism, equality and faith. Universalism implies equal and kind treatment to all animals. Equality implies that human beings shouldn’t perpetuate any bias on basis of age, sex, caste, religion, etc. Lastly, faith, which is the most important principle, implies that everyone should put their obedience in lord.

Samadhi Mandir is the most popular temple in Shirdi, inviting tourists and devotees from all over the world. There is a heavily ornamented marble statue of Sai Baba in this temple and legend has it that this is the place, where Sai Baba allegedly reached a level of ‘Samadhi’. Samadhi, according to Hindu scripts, is a level of meditation, where human consciousness merges with the divine spirit and is freed from the circle of reincarnation. Most devotees attend prayers at 5 AM and 10 AM in this temple and these are important rituals in Shirdi. Though, individual travellers may miss a few, most Shirdi travel packages include the 5 AM prayer, which is noted as Kakad Aarti in the travel itinerary.

The mosque located to right side of this temple is known as Dwarkamai. This is a must visit. This two storied mosque has oil paintings of Sai Baba and some memorable of the saint as well. The most important visit in Shirdi itineration package is chavadi, which where the saint spent last 10 years of his life. Mostly, this destination is an important part of the pilgrimage tour as it is relatively preserved to the original state. His original belongings are still existing in this place. True devotees design to partake in the procession that is conducted on every Thursday from Dwarkamai to Chavadi. Most devotees visit Shirdi from Mumbai over the weekend and immerse themselves in the prayers and seek the blessings like this saint.

Building Trends In UK

services_loft_image.jpg There are millions of buildings across the UK, ampersand these include single dwellings, group housing, housing societies, communities, apartments, commercial buildings, office blocks, hotels, resorts, heritage properties, leisure and divertive centers, public and government buildings, educational institutions, health-care facilities, etc. In growing cities analogous Huddersfield, which is the 10th largest town in the UK, the building and construction industry is extremely critical to the safety, comfort, social and economic well-being of residents. It is also an important umbilicus for sports, being historically, the home of rugby. Hence, there is a stratospheric influx of visitors periodically, which increases the demand for housing them.

As our civilization advances, building trends, fashions et alii technology are constantly evolving. Some buildings undergo lasted over the centuries, while others are constructed as temporary shelters. As the need for shelter and space grows, buildings inchmeal get transformed, changed and refurbished to reflect the needs and aspirations of people. Modern home-owners connective builders have the advantage today like mankind able to use state-of-the-art technology, information and building materials to ensure that their designs are in keeping with the latest orientation. Smart homes, energy-efficient buildings, eco-friendly, green building materials, recycled materials, purpose built constructions, space-saving options and other new ideas receive taken over the building industry.

A building usually reflects the owner’s tastes, budget and aspirations. Luxury homes speak of the owner’s economic status, while a dwelling on a mountain-side may reflect the person’s philosophy. The surroundings, amount like space, interiors and facilities are again dependent on the person’s circumstances, income and savoir faire status. Huddersfield has a admix of heritage Victorian architecture, modern buildings, city lodging and shopping areas. These require different types of construction and maintenance.

Building construction is a highly specialized job that requires extensive knowledge of engineering, design and practical experience. Team-work is another feature. The initial intend may be supplied by an architect, while the actual work is carried out near to a construction firm. The fresh features of electrical wiring, plumbing, decorating and finishing are done by other specialists. Safety, comfort and longevity are some of the features that one looks for in a building.

Keeping these facts in mind, the building industry in Huddersfield is posting moderate growth figures after the recent down-turn and there is an increasing demand for specialists in this field. Most home-owners are now looking at long-term planning and the future needs regarding their families hence, building trends in Huddersfield reflect this more structured and stable philosophy.

The Way To Find a Good Fitness Trainer in Rockville md

IMG_3092.jpg The option to get fit is an excellent aim to establish in your own, but it surely can be difficult knowing where you can start. A 24 hour fitness trainers in rockville md may help you by speaking about what you need to achieve from your millennium and efforts. A lot of people want to slim down, something to develop their entire body, until others want to develop their muscles. There are a number regarding exercise programs that a Health and condition Drillmaster can propose to help you in the field you decide to work on. They are able to also now to you the proper way to operate each like the physical exercises so that you acquire the optimum take opportunity of your workout.

Choosing the best online capacity trainers in rockville md to suit your needs is easier than you believe. In case you belong to a fitness center or even gymnasium, think about a personal Fitness Trainer plan. For those society who wish to operate out sum on your own or who don’t have an exercise room in your area, you resolve need to search slightly harder for a Physical readiness trainers in rockville md. Consult your physician, friends, as well as members of the family if they can suggest anybody to you. The world expanded web is an excellent place to identify any in your place as well as offer you some basic information on what a Invigorating and fitness Trainer can make available for you.

fitness trainers in rockville md will be capable to vary in their techniques. You will need to verbiage freely with a Fitness Trainer concerning their philosophy, training program, and consulting techniques. You will additionally want to parley about their educational history and qualification when a Fitness Trainer. Obviously, the expense of their service will probably be a main factor to converse about as well.

Question them why they started to be a Health Trainer. Look for recommendations who it is feasible to contact about their experiences with the Physical fitness Trainer. As you will probably be exercised in your own extra time, you are likely to have to talk active an approach that actually works well for the both of you. Subsist inevitability you share your own fitness fears with the fitness expert and observe how they respond. They should as well live made aware about your competence level as well as any salutiferous issues that are planning to ought to be regarded as at the same time getting fit.

After speaking, you should feel at ease with the fitness trainers in rockville md. In case you don’t feel essentially though you are appropriate, then maintain looking. You claim the time et alii cash you have to maintenance with a Physical suitability Trainer to be properly spent, not difficult. Believe your feelings in terms of being approximate this specific individual. It really is a good idea to ventilate with a minimum of three prospective Decorum Trainers before making a final selection depending on what each connective every provides you.

Getting fit is sufficient easier when you have the knowledge of a Health Instructor behind you. These are great for encouraging you along with providing you with a private center to fulfill your fitness aims. Be sure the Competence Trainer you settlement to work plus has your very best interests in your sentiment as you come together to devise a remarkable yet fulfilling fitness program which are programma to give you the good results you having bot looking for.

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ONLINE EDUCATION (Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

Ac4010-Two-Point-Combinaton-Frl.jpg Develop a deep psychological understanding of people and processes that businesses need to remain competitive. The Doctor like Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Ph.D./IO) program guides you through the history, functions and future industrial and organizational psychology by way of an intensive, inclement research curriculum.

Learn how you can enter this challenging organizational psychology program plus a bachelor’s degree and earn a master’s tier en route to a PhD by contacting a School of Advanced Studies enrollment advisor today.

This online PhD program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology is designed to deepen your knowledge of workplace and organizational behavior, demonstrate your own research-based contributions to the field, and improve your road opportunities in the growing field of industrial/organizational psychology. You’ll gain a strong foundation in adult, social, connective group psychology, when well as advanced testing, statistical and research methodology.

What you’ll learn

The Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology stage program provides learners who hold a bachelor’s degree an opportunity to positively influence the effectiveness of industrial/organizational settings through application of theory, research, assessment, evaluation, et al intervention. The Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Ph.D./IO) bill will prepare graduates for careers in industrial/organizational mental research, consulting, and instruction with emphasis on assistant issues, organizational development, human resource management, and research expertise. The program has a 98-credit requirement that involves an in-route master’s, a master’s project, residencies, online modalities of instruction, a Comprehensive Exam, and a dissertation.

In the Sedulous Organizational Psychology (I/O) Mind specialization, you will learn to apply psychological theories to critical issues in the fields of business and industry. You will become adept at small group theory and team processes, dynamics of leadership and management, and the structure and procedures of organizational development. The application of tests and measurements, and the interpretation of their results as applied to employee selection, performance appraisals, and training evaluations are additional skills that you can depend on to learn in our program. The I/O specialization will prepare you to assume leadership positions in industry, government, consulting and education in various fields, such comme il faut research, coaching, human resource development, shopper behavior analysis, workplace planning, market strategy, personnel specialist further talent acquisition.

Philosophy in Psychology program in Industrial Organizational Psychology (IOP). You’ll toil with expert faculty who prefer provide One-to-One feedback connective endure as you bookish to dedicate psychological theories to discriminating issues in the fields of business and industry. As you work through the courses, you will become adept at small group guess and team processes, dynamics regarding leadership and management, and the composition and procedures of organizational development. The blank of tests and measurements, including the explanatory of their results as applied to employee selection, performance appraisals, and training evaluations are additional skills that you can expect to learn in this specialization.

The IOP specialization in the PhD in Psychology program at Northcentral will prepare you to assume leadership positions in industry, government, consulting and education in various fields, such as research, coaching, human resource development, eater behavior analysis, workplace planning, market strategy, personnel specialist, and talent acquisition.

A Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is designed to prepare individuals to determine the relationship between man and work. Doctoral students can apply their advanced knowledge of psychology and human behavior towards recognizing behavioral patterns in the workplace. They can also learn how to use those behavioral patterns to optimize industry and organizations within a corporation else industrial business.

While enrolled in a Ph.D. program in industrial and organizational psychology, students work individually or in research groups to build their expertise in training techniques, performance appraisal, team functioning and leadership skills. They also learn about advanced research methods in the field of psychology and the analysis of statistical data relating to the workforce and employee behavior. Most Ph.D. candidates prerequisite rank a dissertation that explores a particular component of the field, and sundry choose to undergo ahead supervision opportunities with research organizations or discipline facilities.
Program Coursework
Courses found within a Ph.D. course in industrial and organizational psychology cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. Some examples of core courses are listed below:

Advanced statistical and research methods
Quantitative methods in psychology
Survey from industrial psychology
Consider of organizational psychology
Industrial workers training
Issues in personal psychology
Chore motivation
Study of limited group behavior

You May Qualify For Monetary Aid.

Prestige Sunrise Park natural philosophy town

A_Cheap_Ride_-_Web_Site_Photos_-_Texas_Dinner_Bell.4893944_std.jpg Considering as a town of electronic gardens and IT parks urban center town is additionally called Silicon Valley of Bharat. Having institutions of varied IT/ITES, BPOs, FMCG, automobile, pharmacy, aviation, promoting and analysis and development business likewise as various purported instructional institutes civic center town has been transformed into an excellent metropolitan space that’s perpetually exigentfor additional spacious accommodations or luxurious settlements in reasonable cherish vary. Providing peaceful shelter to the individuals about each category comes from from the ground up different regions of the country Glory Sunrise Forest electronic mall residential project has been set as a shocking landmark project among different assets comes of town.
Having rising category of neighborhoods and townships comes hypnotic town urban center depicts the prominent estate growth of this space inside the style of exceptional residential flats homogenous villas, penthouses, freelance floors, row homes likewise as business comes like retail areas, recreational centers, plazas, offices and lots of additional. giving living areas at intervals completely different sizes one BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHKand three BHK residential units with 631sqft to 1647sqft floor space Prestige Daybreak park bangalore natural philosophy town presents sculpture talent like 1 of the foremost purported and leading builder Prestige cluster in a very skilled manner. additionally eye-catchy infrastructure and quality living within these abodes are frequently enumerable comme il faut an additional additional advantage of this project.

Prestige Sunrise Park residential complicated provides draw back bribe to its owners/renters with twenty four hours around the digital security system and CCTV police work. Comes one up among different residential comes of town every and each room of this project is well versed with fashionable amenities and advance options inside the variety of natatorium, lush inexperienced landscapes, useful hall, kid’s playspace, standard room, earthquake resistant RCC framed building, standard room, economical water system, twenty four hours power duplicate, excessive eightieth inexperienced central space, cardiopulmonary exercise park, house for cardiopulmonary exercise and meditation, ample automotive parking zone real estate this residence easier rather your expectations.
Locations:- it’s properly connected with variety of major landmarks about town in an exceedingly systematic manner in order that you’ll avail varied necessary and daily usable services like pedantic establishments, consolidation centers, purported hospitals and attention centers, malls, clubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes, article of clothing retailers, recreational centers, non secular places, chemist retailers, banks/ATMs, plazas, amusementareas, IT parks, official areas and lots of others at a stone throw destination.

Know The Recent Automobile News And Keep Up To Date With The Modern Automobile Industry

Ram-1500-Crew-Cab-Park-Sensors-and-Camera-with-text.341170740_std.JPG While having an intense rivalry in the Worlds Automobile Industry, manufacturers are quickly striving towards dominating the natural barriers of science and apt to go above and otherwise their customers expectations. The late automobile newsfrom all about the world reveals some concerning the most monumental developments that just took place in the automobile sector. Diverse customer demands have transformed the completely automobile industry to reach new dimensions of assimilating engineering and the latest technology unexpurgated together with some extreme pieces of inventive expertise.
Let us start discovering the latest happening of the automobile industry by the phenomenal, the mighty and the prodigious La Ferrari. Yes this creature is remarkably neat built to give results that are beyond the expectations like the Ferrari Fans. The all new La Ferrari features you with an extreme 950hp through a 6.3 liter engine enabling you to feel the thrust that can take your breaths away. Realistically talking; this mega machine from Ferrari is another Flagship from the historical city it resides.
Moving towards another eugenics of automobiles recognized as the GT. Japanese automobile manufacturers have been widely recognized for their unmatched pyrophoric breathing GTs. The all new Lexus RC-F GT500 has been revealed by its manufacturers on the other hand. This wide bodied super GT has got all that we sempiternity imagined and is ready to burn its wheels while roaring unbelievably. The Vehicle is equipped with an enormously assertive 500hp through a 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder engine. It was the Tokyo Vehicle Saloon where the manufacturers evolved an opportunity for their fans to acknowledge that a nouveau creature has yet arrived.
Recent World News the Chrysler 300s is the latest American offering that features design, style, comfort and performance while sustaining the compactness in its idea. Yes the car is fully equipped with comprehensiveness the latest technological gears and redefines its historical existence by standing out from the phalanx representing its nationhood.
Well the era of innovation and dexterity seems to be way agile with the dynamic customer demands that constant surpasses the foundations of science when it comes to customizing and personalizing these beasts. With marvelous efforts and ingenious engineering from all of the worlds prime automobile manufacturers it is indeed expected that the journey towards transforming visions into realism has nix end at all and this is just the beginning.
Renowned manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Nissan etc. are vigorously attempting to set new trends in the consumer markets and have stretched their market segments to become a huge global marketplace representing the theory of survival is bestowed for only the fittest. This is a never ending safari where innovation et al perfection has no limits at all.
Conclusively it can raken wisely said that these automobile manufacturers have keen focus towards coming up with ideas that are past the customers expectation and will surely stay to please their respective fans with the best level of sophistication with vigor and performance.

What Is Your Job?

6a00d8341c7aaa53ef01156f671f7f970c-500wi.jpg Does everyone in a company become a separate job, or does everyone in a company have a separate function? Is there a difference? What would employees say if everyone was gathered together in a conference room, et alii the owner asked each individual, What is your job?
One might say, Im a software engineer. Another might say, Im in charge of inventory control. And, unmoving another might say, Im the receptionist. Are they all correct in their answers? Are they telling the owner what their job is, or are they telling the owner their job title and function?
In every company, there are many titles plus many job functions, but there is one main job that everyone has regardless of title. Everybody is and should indiging a salesperson for the company. This is not something that comes easy to everyone, except the philosophy of everybody representing the company and being a salesperson for the company must nvloeden instilled in comprehensibility employees.
An entire society is its sales force. Certainly, some individuals are the ones dealing directly with customers ampersand closing deals or making actual sales, but all employees regardless of job function are part of the entire sales chain. No company can operate with only direct sales personnel. There are all types about support staff necessary to complete the circle of supplier to customer back to supplier for re-orders and back to customers for additional sales. Within this revolve might be production staff, warehouse clerks, administrative personnel, managerial assistants, etc. that are contingent for a company to operate.
So, when you start to think about what jobs everyone in a company has, you begin to realize that sales is everyones job. Everyone plays a necessary role in performing his/her respective job function the best way possible to produce positive results for the company. As a company grows et cetera prospers, employees reap remarkable of those rewards alongside job permanence and increased pay and benefits.
On the other hand when revenue is declining or stagnate, that becomes everyones problem, as well. Therefore, management want impress upon all employees the importance of studious every day how they receptacle make a companys products and services more saleable whether through better customer service, organizational efficiency, lower cost, or higher product quality.
Individual effectuation counts but running a company is not an individual sport. It is a team sport. Everyone has a specific job function, but all of the functions are interrelated that produce a winning sales force. When the team wins, everyone wins. When the team loses, everyone loses.
It is important for a company through its owners and managers to communicate this team philosophy to all employees. Everyone plays a significant role in the sales circle; therefore, everyone is in sales. Now, if you ask an employee what is your job, what answer would you hope to get?

7 Things They Never Told Me At School But Could Have

sharpe_Foundry_WEB.22280841_std.jpg It’s funny, but when asked about things learnt that have served to be the greatest contribution to their lives most Homo sapiens will not mention anything from schools days. Have you noticed this? I can say that the belongings I have learnt which have served as a platform for secret growth did not come from the classroom.

Basically, the education aggregation with its tunnel-minded curriculum is designed to make young people fit into boxes for the corporations und so weiter suchlike when they come out. In a way, that means, you’re going to have to make up for an inattentive of actually learning throughout life!

Here are 7 things they never told cr at school (but could have).

1. The Importance of Communication

We were never told the importance from communication or skilled in this area. Efficient conversation brings together apparently many different things and therefore serves as a great life handling tool: Great relationships, successful projects, achievements… are exclusively routed in effective communication.

2. Everything is the expression of consciousness

Life shows up as a result of where you are consciously at: Your thoughts, feelings and emotions, attitude… all contribute to the life that ‘shows up’ for you. So, if you don’t like the life you’re living then protean these things. For example, if you find yourself in victimhood conditions (the symptoms of victim consciousness) then stare at where you are consciously at et alii transmogrification these things (the root cause).

3. Natural health

Like other schools we had our share of economics teachers however no one ever said that the best investment in term you could ever make is in your health. That of corporate interests the education curriculum generally focuses mere on pharmaceutical approaches when it comes to health. Alternative practitioners and great pioneers with their potentially life-saving approaches based on natural hardiness have been ignored. There are 4 things that support beatific health. They are: Nutrition, exercise, attitude in life and the environment, only sadly, this is not given enough attention.

4. Applying philosophy

In school we never talked that much about life. No curriculum was ever set up to have conversations and discussions accompanying our teachers on how to touch life; dealing with problems, or how to make relationships work… etc, the things that matter most to us. Sadly most people grow up, possibly out of school habit, sporadically talk about moral and spend much of their time talking meaningless nah, nah, nah nothings… and look at the result: A world full of people going nowhere in their lives, just like the soap opera characters on TV. Philosophy doesn’t have to be just mere armchair discussion. It can be secondhand to practically apply ideas in life, hence the empowering phrase ‘applying philosophy.’

5. Being yourself

You don’t have to just be some corporate cog-in-wheel care regarding the education system’s grooming. I have learned that being yourself is your biggest strength. More than ever, particularly on the humanitarian front, the world needs people to conceptualize for themselves. Realize that there are other ways, different to this education sausage machine that turns out well lettered clones unable to really think for themselves. As Albert Einstein once said “Real thinking is to think the unthinkable…” Historicity has shown outside-of-the-box individuals thinking for themselves and they have contributed greatly to humanity…

6. Having a deep and genuine love for yourself

How do you expect to have a deep and unadulterated love coursing out there with your family, friends, groups, communities, the habitation or all things spiritual… ampersand then have it return on you when you had not began that below and hearty painstaking right there with your own self? This is consistent for 2 above that life shows up as a consequence of where you are consciously at.

7. The past is your biggest enemy in life

I was never told at school how to learn to realise that my past tin run me instead of me running it: Fear, anxiety or an unwillingness to be creative moreover adventurous… are the operatives here. Because this subject could go into great lengths I’ve decided to make it something for another day. Simpler to say to be in present time, the only install where life exists is something to be cherished and mastered.

Of course, there were others but I’ll leave there, at least for now.